Welcome to SaaS Authority!

Welcome! Welcome to SaaS Authority, your go-to resource for anything and everything SaaS! I hear you saying, “oh no, another …


Welcome to SaaS Authority, your go-to resource for anything and everything SaaS!

I hear you saying, “oh no, another blog post,” but we are different because our situation is similar to yours, and we were forced to learn everything the hard way!

If you’re launching, thinking about launching, or if you already run a successful SaaS business, this place is for you.  Remember, you are not alone; we are in this together to help you thrive.

With the SaaS business model changing rapidly, we can all use some guidance and help from others who have been there!

We are a genuine community of start-up founders, marketers, programmers and financers, ready to share our wins and loses so all you have to do is focus on winning! As the saying goes, better to learn from others people’s mistakes than yours, and just because we have done our share of mistakes doesn’t mean you have to!

Think of us like a true friend who is always there when you need help! We will publish content that is relevant, fresh, and helpful to make your journey easier!

Think about it – having direct access to a network of people who have accomplished successful things and are willing to share those accomplishments with you is exactly what it takes to build a global SaaS business!  Don’t you think that’s useful?  Hence we built SaaS Authority!

We wish we had a blog to reference when we started out but there was nothing there, so we learned from our mistakes. We attempted to seek help occasionally, and nobody was there, so we thought we should have a single reference point where all questions get answered right away.

So, SaaS Authority was designed for you to learn how to run a successful SaaS business.  If your job is to scale or run a SaaS business, but you’re struggling, this Blog is for you.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • You will get actionable articles straight into your inbox every week ad-free;
  • Discover advanced growth hacks to accelerate your growth;
  • Interviews with Thought Leaders and people who have been there and done it;
  • SaaS products;
  • Ideation of a SaaS product;
  • Challenges of a SaaS start-up;
  • Deep analysis of successful SaaS companies, pricing strategies, on-boarding experiences, product flows and more;
  • Growth hacks, tips and expertise on acceleration of your SaaS product and/or company

And that’s not all!  Our blog will also provide:

  • Interviews with successful SaaS start-up founders;
  • Tutorials on specific topics about building SaaS products;
  • Coupons and discounts on public cloud providers and other big services companies to help Saas start-ups, and more!

You will become a member of a group of your true peers.  And these are doers, not dreamers, who love the same things you love, and which equals success.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Oh wait there’s more, or like Steve Jobs would say, one more thing!

You will discover new tips, hacks, and questions answered.  You will believe more about your idea, change management, adaptations and moving ahead, and we will be there every step of the way, watching you grow!

Does this sound like more than “just another blog”?  Then, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the free content with no ads or boring pop-ups, and intelligent content designed to make you a success!

Yours in SaaS,
SaaS Authority